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My podcast known as BOOK'S MUSIC will be coming to an end in June. For now, this is the last podcast of May 2014, show #359. Enjoy it while it lasts, for another podcast is on the horizon. Tuned? Stay!
After seven or so years of doing the BOOK'S MUSIC podcast, it will be coming to an end. But fear not, for while BOOK'S MUSIC will be at the end as a name, I will have a brand new podcast soon after, which is a good thing. I have loved making these shows for all of this time and I want to continue to do it again, but I also want to try some new things within the podcast as well so... more news on the way. As for this news... what news? Well, it's a new podcast, the 358 edition of BOOK'S MUSIC, so have a listen. This week features a 19 minute LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG SONG so kick back, relax, and enjoy it nicely.
BOOK'S MUSIC podcast #357 is here, continuing on and moving forward despite a personal mishap. Rock steady.
Soul, electronica, punk, jazz, and who knows what other types of music you'll hear in this week's installment of the BOOK'S MUSIC digital broadcast? Well, you can look at the playlist below but I'd like for you to listen to it blindly, go into each show with an open mind. Otherwise, have a look at what songs were selected in "the radio that radio forgot".
The podcast known as Book's Music returns to its assorted program, going back and forth to everything and "who knows what this is?" to prove that diversity is always the key to happiness. Enjoy the latest show.
No joke, it's about country music in this week's edition of Book's Music. The theme this time around shines the spotlight on the funny side of country, or at least it has a humerous side that was one of the unique qualities of the music. 29 songs are jammed into this, a true hoot about the good and bad side of living and trying to have a laugh out of it.
A special edition of the Book's Music podcast (show #353) is ready for you, and what makes this edition special? All but one song have the same title: "Hold On". The title which doesn't happens to have "Hold On" in its title, figure that one out. Or better yet, just listen to the music and hear what happens when you hold on to the sound, at least for one more day.
Last podcast for March 2014, I thought "it's a day before April Fool's Day, let's do foolish songs" but I did that already so I simply went for randomness, which works very week with BOOK'S MUSIC and here it is. If you enjoy a wide assortment of music coming at you from all directions, listen to show #352.